Jan Balkam – Intuitive Astrologer


I have had thirty-five years of experience working with clients. I am English and worked as a holistic health therapist in hospitals and clinics in Europe before moving to the US twelve years ago. In 1994 I authored a best selling book on Aromatherapy and have lectured both here and in the UK.



Twenty years ago, Jan described my unborn children, business plans I couldn’t yet imagine that have come true, and the husband my sister was yet to meet! I remain blown away by that one session in particular… and have continued to refer people to Jan all these years. Even though she might call it an astrology reading, so much more happens. Schedule yourself an appointment.

BV, Teacher, MD


Firstly, I’m amazed at how ACCURATE your reading was:  you are truly the most Gifted Intuitive I’ve ever met (and I’ve tried a few, from the States to the UK to South Africa and Australia…)  I just LOVE your work!

How on earth you picked up and connected with so many facets of my life AND were SPOT ON… (often without me even realizing it until you helped explain it to me with your kindness and patience!)… Well, let’s just say that it was mind-blowing in the most positive, loving and caring way.  I wanted to share my heartfelt gratitude and loving wishes for everything you guided me through and about during our call.

Thank you for helping me with your deep insights and understanding as to how certain patterns or experiences have influenced my life path to date; and also for your innate wisdom as to how I can protect myself and/or work with any new “astrological weather” going forward!  You were incredibly insightful, helpful and inspiring.

KM, Entrepeneur, Cape Town, South Africa 


My reading with Jan was phenomenal. She was clear and true about everything she saw about me, and got right to the heart of my issue. It was insane to hear her talk about a specific childhood trauma and incredibly healing to get validation about the situation as well. I would highly recommend getting a reading with Jan–if you’re looking for a healing, loving, authentic reading, you’ve found your person.
Sarah K. Martucci, Psychic, OR


Working with Jan has been a unique experience – I had goose bumps during our call as I felt her channelling to be both genuine and moving. Jan has a natural talent, both as a life-long astrologer and medium. Our session left a strong impression on me and helped a deeper understanding of the self.

BV, Entrepreneur, Belgrade, Serbia


Thanks so much for the reading Jan—as always very illuminating and thank you as well for all the extra time you afforded me 🙂 Most generous!

Peter L, CEO, Toronto, Canada.


The thing I appreciate most about the sessions I have with Jan are the images she leaves me with. These images are like poetic metaphors for what’s going on in my life. They really help me make sense of things; they bypass my mind and reveal deeper truths hidden in my psyche and spirit. Jan is also very generous – the sessions are full to the brim!

ED, Artist, Washington DC


“Jan is the real deal! She connects to the other side and tells me things that she could not possibly have known and it brings me comfort and insights. My mom recently passed over and Jan was able to describe her and my father to a tee. In addition, she was able to pass on some wise words and guidance for my future as it unfolds. I knew it was coming from them because of the words she used and situations she described Jan has a rare gift, loving heart and a generous spirit and always seeks to serve my highest and best self”.

D Maher – Management Consultant, AZ


“Wow Jan, thank you very much. this information is incredibly useful to me and for my partner. It has validated many of the conversations and feelings I have had over the past few weeks and months.  I am grateful! I think this will help us get through our upcoming move, and the next few months with awareness and ease”.

Renata M –  Licensed Massage Therapist/Energy Worker MD


‘Jan’s reading was a healing, profound experience.  It was a relief to have answers to questions and to understand more about who I am and my soul path.  She saw me and helped me see me!  She is truly special ‘reader’ and astrologer going so deep with nurturing honesty.  Some parts i felt vulnerable but she held the space for me.  I now feel lighter, cleansed and excited about the possibilities.’

Sadie P, Musician & Actress, London UK


Conversing during my session with Jan was a rewarding experience. It has been the start of the journey into a new world and I remain under the impression and feel very strong gratitude for what she shared with me. She helped me guide my thoughts with sincerity, vision and kindness which are Jan’s unique gifts that she shares with all her heart. The journey I started with Jan’s guidance I am devoted to continuing with great happiness and excitement.”
Marko K, CEO, Belgrade,Serbia

Having a literal 30 minute conversation with Jan, made me feel like I had years of my burden and pain lifted off my shoulders, her clear messages from my spirit guides really did wonders. I didn’t feel stuck anymore. Her clear messages and open communication made me feel like I am being supported and loved. Thank You for your beautiful gift! It has changed the way I look at my life.

M Lee, Business owner and blogger, VA


I want to write to extend my deepest gratitude to you for the reading you gave me in the end of last year. I cannot tell you how much support and guidance I was able to gather from it in such a challenging time of my life. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

HG, Washington DC


Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance and direction for my partner and I yesterday. I deeply appreciate your willingness to be honest with us both in terms of how special we can be together and what we can do to best support each other.

SN, City Planner, San Francisco, CA