Recipes for this Wednesday Night!

Happy Hump Day y’all! I’m not sure about you but midweek is always so hectic. And to add to my stress I have no idea or time to make dinner tonight. Sound like you? Great, I knew I wasn’t alone! I did some research for us both and found some quick and easy recipes to make tonight, from my favorite site; Tasty.

Here were a few of my favorites;

Image result for hamburger pasta

Cheeseburger Pasta:

Um, am I the only one drooling. If you make this tonight, set a plate out for me!!

Image result for pad thai

Homemade Pad Thai

Thai food is always one of my go to comfort foods, so make this and cuddle up on the couch. That is what I want to do tonight!

Image result for lemon chicken

Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice

Healthy and hearty! Sign me up.


Image result for shrimp scampi

Lemon and Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Feeling seafood tonight? Give this recipe a whirl…get it you whirl pasta.

Image result for hotdogs

Hot Dog Pasta 

A twist on an American classic; a hot dog! Check out this recipe!

Image result for salmon dinner

Salmon Dinner

Simple and easy?? Sign me up!

Image result for fajita

Fajita Chicken

Load up on the onions, please and thank you..

Feeling a bit better about dinner tonight? We are too.