WATCH: April the Giraffe is Pregnant Again!

Setota Hailemariam


It was the calf birth watched ’round the world last year: April the Giraffe of New York’s Animal Adventure Park gave birth to Tajiri, her giraffe baby daddy Oliver proudly by her side, in April 2017 and over a million viewers watched the livestream. Now, she’s pregnant again, as Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch announced on the Today Show Wednesday morning – her second pregnancy at the zoo and with Oliver.

You can keep up with Mama April at her official Twitter account @  and follow the adventure park for updates 

Or you can stick to tradition and watch the Giraffe Cam livestream, which the zoo has already started so fans at home can be with April every step of the way over these next 15-19 months, the typical length of a giraffe pregnancy:

Video Credit: Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page.