MONEY: No Mega Millions Winner

So, was checking your Mega Millions tickets from last night the first thing you did this morning when you woke up? Well, just in case you haven’t checked yet, the numbers you need to look for are as follows ==>

4-24-46-61-70, with a Mega Ball of 7

But no, you didn’t win the big bucks. And that’s a knowable fact already, since lottery officials are indicating this Saturday, that no one correctly chose all five winning numbers plus the Mega Ball…though one person in Arkansas did get all five of the white balls that were drawn, and scored themselves a cool $3 Million…which ain’t too bad.

However, no jackpot winner means that Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing will now be at least the second highest in the game’s history, and will be worth–wait for it–$654 Million!! For those of you scoring at home, that would further mean that the available “cash option” will net you an immediate $372.6 Million. Good luck!