How is Dan Duran’s Chemo Going?

Hi! I apologize for the lack of posts – I’ve actually been busy working, because chemo is going, well….GREAT! For a lack of a better word. I am truly shocked. No major side effects outside of some mild heartburn and some fatigue but I really am doing well.

My mom drove me Monday and Tuesday, Dad drove me yesterday, and today, I actually drove myself. No nausea, no miserable feelings.

Which scares me. I’m waiting for the other shoe to stop. “When does the hell start?” I ask. Well, maybe this weekend. Tomorrow, I get a device strapped to my arm that will auto-inject over the weekend, medication to boost my white blood cell count. Those numbers dropping are a natural effect of chemo, so we need to keep those up so I don’t get an infection/get sick. I’m told my bones will work overtime to produce white blood cells which could make me extremely achy and fatigued, but, I should combat it with tylenol and Claritin, of all things. So, that’s what I’ll do!

My blood pressure remains high, likely because of all the fluids, and steroids, they are pumping me full of. It’s at 150/100, but, they are not really concerned right now.

I’m really happy that I have stayed ahead of the nausea – been drinking ALOT of fluids. When they tell you on day one that if you don’t drink enough, you could get kidney failure, that will set your ass in motion to drink and pee as much as possible. I’m not going to beat cancer only to then go on dialysis. Water gets boring fast, so I’ve been mixing in gatorade and am quite happy.

Meant to post the below photo on Tuesday….they do a weekly trivia question in the infusion room. And yes, I DID vote on Tuesday. I’ve been able to work, eat normally, walk my dogs, everything. So far, so good, and the outreach from all of you has been amazing! Find me on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Email.

And, if I am still doing well this weekend, I very much plan to be on the air Saturday 7PM-12AM and Sunday 2PM-7PM here on MIX 107-3!

Oh, one thing to add, oddly, to the mix….Mom and I got rear-ended Tuesday on the way home from my treatment. Minor damage and no injuries, but just an odd addition to that day. Alas, onward!