Dan Duran’s First Week Of Chemotherapy Is Done…And He’s Feeling Good!

Happy Saturday. Wow. What a week – what a surprise. I have not yet gotten violently sick. Yes, they said “everyone reacts to chemo differently” but of COURSE I was expecting the worst. I was expecting to be hugging the toilet all week. Nope.

Therefore….I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. It has to be coming. But, for now, I’m taking this first week of treatment as an absolute win.

My worst side effect has been bad heartburn, which is now being treated. I’ve had no nausea. No dehydration (maybe because when they say “if you don’t drink enough fluids, you are at a big risk for kidney failure – guess what…that’s motivation enough to drink drink drink! I’m not going to beat cancer only to then go on dialysis because the meds that cured me caused that. Nope.)

Today was actually maybe my most tired, most exhausted day of the week. My guess is because each day, they give me steroids with the treatment to counter-act any possible reactions, which, in turn also keep me awake for a while. No treatment today, so, no steroids, and maybe that’s why I was more tired. But I had a restful, 11 hour (!!!) sleep last night, plus another two hour nap in the middle of the day today, and, I’m feeling okay, on the air tonight on MIX 107.3.

Am I feeling weaker? Yes. But, it’s not horrible. I’m taking every day as it comes. If I need a break, I take one. If I can keep going, I keep going. And I haven’t been able to do this without help. My parents who drove me to treatments this week, my team at work helping me out, my awesome roommate Dave who is a  STELLAR chef and friend, my friends, everyone. I’m sure I’ll be leaning on people more down the line.

One week down….now, two weeks of recovery, then the next treatment starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. Onward!