Round 2 of Dan Duran’s Chemo Underway

Good morning from the infusion center, where I haven’t been for two weeks. The last 7-10 days were amazing – no major side effects, I am doing SO well. But, I’m scared this may not last…now that round 2 of chemo is starting I wonder if the other shoe will drop, because my first round went SO well. Side effects including heartburn, ringing in my ears, and nosebleeds. But, they were all (in my mind) relatively minor. I fear it will get worse this time around, but who knows.

I was able to easily do Thanksgiving with the family, and I was in a wedding up in Pennsylvania on Friday.

My labs draw this morning was great- white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets are all right where they should me, which is exciting. And, my blood pressure is down a little as well.

The support I’ve received the last few weeks from SO many people has been truly amazing – thank you! From cards in the mail, to hanging out with friends, it’s all been amazing.

Here is this week’s trivia question posted in the infusion center.