He’s Halfway There: Dan Duran Starts Round 3 of Chemo

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve dropped a line on the blog – I am so sorry! But, I’ve been busy! In good ways. Lots to catch up on, namely, that today is the start of round 3 of 4 rounds of chemotherapy, so,  I’m halfway there! (Whoa whoa…we’re livin’ on a prayer…) (oh come on, you knew you sang it too)

Overall I really do continue to do very well – but, the end of round two was ROUGH. Let me post a picture here of my dog showing how I felt for several days after that round ended. This is Bowie (named after the singer, not the town).

Man, it was not good. I was super nauseous and weak for a solid 3-4 days, took 5 days to feel like my normal self again. But, I didn’t get sick – have not thrown up once in this entire process! Fingers crossed that continues. I just felt really, really awful. They warned me the effects would be cumulative over time, and of course I didn’t believe them. Boy, were they right! After round 1 the recovery was only about a day and a half

The other major side effect, which has led to a change in my medication regimen, is that I had ringing/high pitched frequencies in my ears. This is a known side effect of the cisplatin I am on (one of the two chemo drugs, along with etoposide). This lasted long enough that my doctor said we need to stop the cisplatin, because the prolonged ringing could cause permanent, irreversible hearing damage. I certainly don’t want that! So, today we threw that out and started on carboplatin. Not AS effective on testicular cancer, but, still works. And obviously if I have to do an extra round of chemo or two (unlikely, at this time) I am all for it knowing i’ll still be able to hear years from now.

Other than that, things have been going well. I’ve still been able to work alot, and hang out with friends. This past weekend I was feeling 100% because it had been two weeks since my last treatment, so some friends and I went on an awesome day of breweries across Maryland. And, I made it to the MIX 2nd Annual Holiday Choir Competition, which was awesome!

Thanks all for your continued support. Like I said, overall I’m doing very well, and the medical staff are surprised how well I am handling the treatments. I’m pretty lucky.

I leave you with this week’s trivia question at the chemo infusion center!