Run to GIANT!


These babies are SO YUMMY and were being sold for $7.49 the past few months. Giant JUST marked them down to $1.87!!! I grabbed a few boxes!


I didn’t try this large jar of Cranberry/Orange AppleSauce, but 45cents for a LARGE jar? STEAL!
The Gingerbread Creme Cookies are Yummy and were being sold for $2.24, now marked down to 75cents a box! I grabbed some to take to work on Christmas Eve. The Cranberry/Orange Granola is something I have NOT tried but it was being sold for $2.02, now marked down to 67cents for a large bag!

And random, but my cat food was marked down to 34cents. Normally I pay 74cents for 1, so I grabbed a bunch of these. I’m not sure if this will be at all Giants, but I snagged them at mine![/caption