3 More Days of Chemo for Dan Duran, But The Danger Isn’t Over Yet

Wow, the end is in sight, my friends. THE. END. IS. IN. SIGHT. This Friday is (in theory) my last day of chemotherapy in this 12-week regimen against testicular cancer. Overall, I think things have gone quite well. The end of round 2, a couple weeks before Christmas, was the absolute worst. That was a good 4 days of hell. Nausea (no vomiting though!), ringing in my ears, extreme weakness. But outside of that….general fatigue a lot. And them switching my medication regimen after round 2, to Carboplatin from Cisplatin, which does not cause ringing in my ears, helped alot.

But now, the next several days I need to monitor very, very closely. My labs (blood counts) have essentially bottomed out, and I am very close to having no immune system. I’ve been told to avoid crowds, not take Metro, wear a mask (ugh), and just wait it out until they come back up. I’ve cleared my weekend to just avoid people for the most part to avoid infection, which is totally unlike me. I love people! But I also love not dying. One drastic explanation that was given to me, is that if my neutraphils go any lower than they are, if I get a cold, it can lead quickly to pneumonia….and then, well. to something way worse. I’ll leave that guess to you. But the point of all this is, they will not boost my white  blood cells because that would negate the purpose of the chemotherapy. It needs to be able to do its job, which unfortunately means killing good cells at the same time that it is killing bad cells.

So, after chemo wraps Friday…. i will continue to come in for lab tests, and in 2-3 weeks, i will get a full PET scan, to look at the lymph nodes. That will determine if I am cancer-free, or not. Man oh man. Fingers Crossed!!!