Taco Bell Canada Introduces Cheese-Dispensing Billboard

Taco Bell Canada is prepping for the cheesiest marketing campaign in history. The popular taco restaurant recently announced that they’re building a billboard that dispenses unlimited amounts of nacho cheese. Yes, you read that correctly. UNLIMITED. NACHO. CHEESE.

The billboard goes live on Saturday, January 19th at 482 Queen St. W. in Toronto. From 11:30am – 2:30pm, customers are encouraged to take the “Nacho Cheese taste-test” and cheese-up their favorite snacks, directly from the billboard.

The “Cheesiest Billboard” serves to promote their new Nacho Cheese Naked Chicken Chalpua, a crispy chicken shell stuffed with nacho cheese. In a recent press release, head of Marking at Taco Bell Canada, Veronica Castillo, tells RestoBiz, “Kicking off the year with a Nacho cheese-dispensing billboard means that 2019 will be as crazy as ever for us. Plus, our fans know it’s impossible to deny the appeal of warm, gooey, zesty nacho cheese, and we couldn’t agree more. Nacho cheese will be the perfect addition to the Naked Chicken Chalupa, already a fan-favourite.”

Road trip anyone?!

Read the full press release HERE. Visit tacobell.ca for more information.