Chip Lovers…What Is The Proper Ranking? [VIDEO]


Which flavor of chips is the last to go??  The big “Chip Debate”, that originally started as an informal conversation between comedians, has gone viral and now the internet is going crazy over the ranking of the chips that come in the variety pack!


Comedians Kevin Fredericks “KevOnStage”, Tony Baker, and Tahir Moore who are currently touring the country with  “The Real Comedians Of Social Media Tour” recently had a heated debate over chips that were available after one of their recent shows.  The debate escalated when the comedians began discussing the proper order to eat the chips that come in the variety pack and what chips would always be the last to go.  WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW.

The video of the debate has since gone viral and a large majority of “Chip connoisseurs” on on Twitter have stated that “Fritos” would the last flavor of chips left in the box.  The debate on twitter regarding the ranking of Fritos in the chip variety pack made it’s way to be one of the top Trending Topics on Twitter.  Many celebrities have weighed in on their personal chip ranking, including Captain America actor Chris Evans and Monica Lewinsky.   Frito-Lay and Kettle Brand Chips even joined in the conversation requesting a private DM with one of the comedians.

Curious minds want to know… what is your ranking of the chips?  Which would be the last to go!

– Coka-Lani

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There’s about to be a bidding war. 😈😈

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