Albie Dee says: Well I started as a Roller Skating DJ in the town where I grew up, North Haven CT and then was very lucky to start my radio career at a radio station that was my fav! I moved here to DC in “87” . You’ve might have heard me on a few radio stations between here and Baltimore or ran across me hanging out in the clubs. BTW If we “did” hang…shhh don’t say anything ! LOL

I’m a single Dad of 2 sons. I still can’t believe that I reproduced and my guys turned out to be really good young men. When I am not on DC radio I am an avid Scuba Diver . Over 260 dives logged and a certified rescue diver. I have one dive for my bucket list, I GOT TO DIVE The National Aquarium in Baltimore. I did do a dive at Epcot at Walt Disney World , that was amazing.

Well you can catch up with me on Facebook-Twitter and Instagram..

Albie Dee
The Don of DC