Jayde Donovan

Hello. I am Jayde. I love life. Interested in yours. I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. I love Mexican food, coffee, vodka – not in that order. I always wanted kids later in life. God that was hilarious… welcome Stella Lou! Stella is 4 years old and has sass for days! I love my career, but Stella Lou has my whole heart.

Her dad and I are not married and that seems to confuse a lot of people. We’ve been together about 8 years and do most things together. He has a 9 year old son who I love like my own. I’m sure I’ll become his dad’s noggin wife at some point, but for now I’m cool with the Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn comparison.

I grew up in California – LA area. My mother was a single mom on welfare raising my brother and me on her own until I was 5. She’s a badass. She showed me how to work for what you want in your life. My mom married my step dad and he loved all of us from day one. There’s something special about a man who chooses to take on a family. My dad has been there for me ever since.

I graduated from USC. I still pay ridiculous student loans. I would rather have a house. Or a Ferrari. I am flawed. Uncoordinated. I sing in the shower. I’m known to say inappropriate things, sometimes around children. Mostly mine. I enjoy meeting people, laughing, and soaking up every positive vive I can from this planet. I am just trying to be a woman worth knowing.



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