KT Harris says: Do you believe serendipity? What are the chances that I as a 13 year old girl would listen to a year end countdown on Mix 107.3 – call the DJ and say I want to do what you do – and end up in that same seat?

It’s happened! I got some great advice and used it to land a job at the local small station in Southern Maryland. After years in Ocean City I returned to Washington D.C. and on to a national platform on Satellite Radio.

In addition to being on the air, another passion of mine is wine. I’ve worked in the wine industry for years and yes – it is as fun as it you would imagine. That said, I am a big foodie and love discovering hot new spots for the best food in the area.

The past couple of years of my life have drawn me back to help my parents . My dad is a waterman and my mom cooks up some of the best seafood imaginable and I help them them run the operation.

Being able to get people to laugh, relate or just view things a little differently is what I truly enjoy.

I am a probably the corniest but giddiest person you’ll ever meet. I love a great joke and laugh often and hard. That wicked sense of humor and laugh is what you will find when you listen to me on Mix 107.3- cheers!

Listen to KT Harris weekdays 10am to 3pm!




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