Mark Andrews has been performing for pretty much his entire life. It started in the church choir in his hometown of Hanover, PA, and continued throughout high school where he starred in various theater productions and was even the drum major in the marching band. After graduating from Valparaiso University with a degree in Communications, Mark gravitated toward the media – working in PR, print, and even as a television weather forecaster—yes, he did that! But it’s on the air or behind the scenes at radio stations where Mark is most at home.

Home—that’s a funny word, given that due to the ups and downs of radio, Mark has moved to a new address or a new city an astounding 23 times! His most recent move back to the area will be his last, however, as he, his partner and their dog have recently become proud new owners of a house!

Needless to say, having spent more than five years living and working on the air in the DMV previously, Mark is happy to be back on mix107.3, and doing what he loves—radio shows—in a city that he loves, as well.

He asks—what could be better?




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