Mystic mix&mingle

Pictures From The Mystic Mix&Mingle

Want to know what 2019 has in store for you?

mix107.3’s Mystic mix&mingle is back!

Join us for an intimate group reading with the Psy-Twins, twin psychic mediums Allyson and Adele… Friday night, March 1st at the Canopy by Hilton Bethesda North in Pike and Rose.  Plus, pucker up and get your lip print read by certified lipsologist Ariana Lightningstorm.

While you’re at the Mystic mix&mingle, enjoy $5 wines, snacks for sale like Caramel Popcorn and Chicken Lemongrass Potstickers with Soy Ginger Sauce. Plus, come early for dinner at Canopy Central including menu items like Shrimp or Chicken Caesar Salad, Beef Sliders, Ancho Chili Dry Rubbed Baked Wings, and Grilled Pita Pizzas.

Limited number of tickets available for only $30!
This is a 21+ event.


Allyson and Adele work professionally as psychic mediums, educators, and motivational speakers. In groups, audiences, and in personal readings, they bring through evidence of relatives, friends, loved ones and messages. The Washington Post in 2004 called the Psy-Twins the best professional psychics in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Allyson and Adele can be reached at:

Phone: 410-349-3901



Ariana Lightningstorm|Certified Lipsologist

Certified Lipsologist, Ariana Lightningstorm reads lip prints.  Using a uniquely designed “kiss card,” Ariana collects your guests kisses (on the card) and tells them what their kisses reveal about them such as personality traits, energy levels, emotions and more!  She is one of 8 Certified Lipsologists in the world and the only one in the DC area.  Lipsology’s founder spent 20 years researching over 10,000 lip prints to make sure her system was at least 80-100% accurate before teaching anyone and Ariana was the first to be trained on the east coast. She entertains at everything from bridal showers to birthday parties and corporate events, too!

Phone: (301) 509-0657